How does ceramics work?

Ceramics is a complex multi step process. Most of my work is thrown on the wheel, some pieces I hand build and sculpt freeform while other i create and mold them. 

For thrown pieces once they stiffen up you have to trim them, which means cleaning up the bottoms. After I trim my work I add handles for mugs and carve and sculpt any additional design detail. Once all the design elements are done the piece has to dry out completely and then it can be bisque fired. The firing takes about 24 hours in my kiln, it reaches a temperature of about 1900F°. After the bisque fire comes the glazing! I brush on most of my glazes and for many pieces I use 3-4 different glazes. Each glaze needs 2-3 coats. This is one of the most time consuming process as each coat has to dry for 10-15 minutes before you can apply the next.  When all the glaze is applied and dried i can finally glaze fire the pieces. this firing reaches about 2250F° which melt all the glaze material together bonding it to the clay and creating a glasslike surface. BUT for some this isn't the final firing. all the pieces with gold detail get fired a third time after the gold lustre is applied. This is just a Glimpse of the ceramic creation process, follow me on IG @mermudstudio to see more process videos and behind the scenes!

 Video created by Naome Weddle @notyourfriendssister on IG