About Mermud

My name is Tatjana Kunst, I am the human behind Mermud Studio!
Mermud Studio is a one woman show, I create small batch handmade ceramic wares inspired by the natural world.
I started my journey with clay at the age of 6 at my grandmothers 70th birthday party. My "Beppe" had her party at a local pottery studio in the north of the Netherlands where she lived. I made a little mini bowl and i still have it today. I didn't work with clay until 10 years later when I took an elective in my high school. They only offered it every few years so I was the MOST excited that it worked with my required class schedule. I was always an artistic kid but from the moment I put my hands in clay I KNEW this was my medium. After high school I went to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and majored in, you guessed it, Ceramics and graduated in 2015. After graduating I moved back home with my parents worked for them at their spa and salon while teaching at a community studio and making some pieces here and there.
In January 2018 I had an accident that put my life on hold for a while, I was hit by a car that sped through a red light as i was crossing the street in Manhattan. This accident shattered my left leg and left collarbone. I was in bed for about 3 months, the recovery was slow, that summer i was feeling ok and had accepted walking with a cane. I was still in considerable pain and found out that my bones had never properly healed in my leg and they needed to redo my surgery and take a bone graft. I have a titanium rod that goes from my knee to my ankle and a bunch of screws holding it all in place. That happened late sept 2018. Fast forward to April 2019 i was FINALLY medically cleared to make and create again. I will never again take for granted autonomy, and the ability to create. It takes me longer than it used to but I'm slowly getting used to my new rhythm and ability. Fall 2019 Beppe gifted me money for my birthday which combined with some savings allowed me to finally purchase my own wheel and so I started to throw myself into my clay practice and try to grow this business, its a lot of work and a slow growth but its worth every second.
I am so happy to do this and I hope to one day be able to live off of my ceramic practice entirely. Thank YOU for supporting my passion, and helping me work my way to my dream!